Our philosophy is that Exercise and Nutrition go hand in hand.  You can’t get results exercising without a proper nutrition plan nor can you achieve substantial results by just “eating right” without a sound exercise plan.
At Fitness 4 You all of our programs incorporate nutritional guidance because we believe that the human body is like a machine – keep it well fueled and it will perform well.  Diets don’t work so we won’t put you on a diet. What we will do is customize a nutrition plan based upon your body composition and metabolic rate which will rev up your metabolism, keep your body properly fueled and maintain an energy level that will get you through the day.  We can also supply you with meal plans upon request.


We offer a unique program for healthy living that will help create permanent change.
You will be supervised by a Nutrition Coach that will guide you with a customized plan to lose weight quickly and safely, while helping you learn the healthy habits to keep the weight off permanently and live a healthier lifestyle.
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